Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing, what is the difference?

Soft washing is a three step house washing technique that uses high GPM (gallons per minute) but with very low water pressure, usually only around  1,200 PSI. This is a gentle, stucco safe, and effective way to clean a stucco homes in Las Vegas. The expert technicians at Summerlin Property Services will first rinse your home to remove the heavy dirt and debris then we apply an earth friendly soap/enzyme and allow that to dwell for about 15 minutes. The enzymes will loosen up the more stubborn, problem areas and then we perform a final rinse and the end result is a home that looks years younger! Performing a soft house wash can often brighten up your home so much that you will no longer feel the need for a paint job. If you receive a HOA letter stating that your home needs to be painted, please call us first 702-965-2065 and see if a soft house wash is right for you.

On the other hand, we have pressure washing sometimes also referred to as power washing. This technique uses a very strong stream of water pressure (usually around 4,000 PSI) to muscle and force the dirt and debris off the area being cleaned. Pressure washing is a fine and very effective way to clean concrete, pavers and other surface/ground areas but it can be dangerous if used on a stucco home. If you have any previous problem areas like divots, cracking or peeling of the stucco then a high pressure wash can exasperate those previous issues and make chunks of your home come flying off. Please give the experts and Summerlin Property Services a call and we can discuss the specific details of your project and come up with a plan that best suites your needs.

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