Scratched Glass Repairs | Glass Restoration Services in Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas Scratched Glass Repairs | Hard Water Removal | Glass Restoration

Our Glass Renu Certified technicians are trained to repair scratched glass, hard water stains, acid etching and pitting from glass and mirrors and restore them back to their original clarity & luster. SPS Glass Restoration services will typically save our clients up to 70% versus replacement costs.

Unique among other systems, we use the Glass Renu patented grinding and polishing system. While the final results are amazing so are the savings! And knowing that one less item is in a landfill thanks to you feels great also!

We will leave your home or business mess free and also save you money! Check out all of our other services here and for a free quote please call us now at 702-965-2065 
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Glass restoration service in Las Vegas