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Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas Window Cleaning, House & Pressure Washing, Glass Restoration and Property Services

Summerlin Property Services is not just a pressure & soft washing company. We offer many other services, from hard water stain removal to screen repairs.

Please call us at 702-965-2065 or fill out our 24/7 instant quote form for more information on any services you may be interested in.

Residential Property Services: Window Washing | Glass Restoration – 702-965-2065

  • Detailed Window Cleaning Interior and Exterior: Our business was founded on exceptional window cleaning service because we clean with care. Some window washers can scratch glass because they are not careful when dealing with fragments of stucco, dirt, tiny rocks or other debris while cleaning.  SPS only employees highly trained, background checked techs. We will clean your window screens, glass, frames and tracks with care and we appreciate our customers’ continued trust in us over the years.
  • Scratched Glass Repairs – Glass Restoration: If you have isolated scratches on your window, you may not need a costly glass replacement. We use the Glass Renu scratch removal process that will restore your windows without leaving a haze or distortion. Restore, don’t replace.
  • Hard Water Removal: Minerals from water can find nearly imperceptible crevices across glass surfaces in your doors, windows and shower walls.  Las Vegas public water purity tests out at over 17 grains per gallon or 290 ppm (parts per million). That’s very high!  Let the expert techs at SPS solve all your hard water issues and work and out those hard water bonds that require a more than just scrubbing with CLR.

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Residential Property Services:  Screen Cleaning  | Screen Repairs- 702-965-2065

  • FlexScreens– Indestructible window screens! The future of window screens is here now and are only available thru Summerlin Property Services.
  • Screen Repairs – Solar and Basic Screens: If you have damaged screens but the window frame is in good shape, then we can keep the frame and replace the mesh. This could save you up to 70% in comparison to replacing the entire window screen.
  • Solar Screen Deep Cleaning-  Have you received a letter from your HOA? When your solar screens get dirty, people notice. That’s why we provide deep cleaning services that will restore your solar screens.

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Residential Property Services:  Stucco Safe House Wash  | Solar Panel Cleaning- 702-965-2065

  • House Washing – Soft Wash: Soft washing is a safe, low-pressure alternative to power washing. Power washing is still safe in most situations.  we use the soft washing method when it’s the proper and more efficient option.
  • Pressure Washing– Driveways, Garages, Patios and more: It is easy to overlook your outdoor living spaces because dirt and soil can develop slowly.  However, after we perform our professional cleaning services, most clients can’t believe the difference they see!
  • Solar Panel Cleaning – Increase Productivity: Our solar panel cleaning service will improve your panels efficiency and production! Thanks to low tree counts, most of our clients only need to clean their solar arrays once every 12-24 months.  Ask us if cleaning your solar panels is right for your solar setup.

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Commercial Property Services- 702-965-2065

  • Retail and Office Building Wash Window washing and safe soft washing & pressure washing services throughout Las Vegas and Henderson.
  • Sidewalk and Entrance Cleaning Power washing and surface cleaning services to beautify your buildings entrance and walkways. Make a great first impression!
  • Exterior and Interior Window Washing Expertly detailed glass cleaning for retail spaces, office buildings, store fronts, and more.
  • Glass Restoration Graffiti removal from scratches or acid etching. Hard water removal, glass polishing.  Save money with our scratch repair and glass restoration services.
  • Awning Cleaning Safely and effectively remove dirt, pollen and bird poop from your retail or office awnings.
  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Services Convenient billing and payment options. Let us know what works best for you.
  • Fully Insured- We carry general liability and workman’s comp.  Another reason to have full piece of mind working with us.
  • Convenient 6 Day a Week Scheduling- We are happy to schedule our services around your business hours and on weekends.

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