How to clean window screens

Cleaning window screens in Las Vegas can be very challenging due to the dusty, dirty environment here in the desert. Window, door and solar screens collect so much dirt in Las Vegas that they become almost like filters covering your glass. A quick way to clean screens is to just hose them off. However, we do not recommend hosing down your screens with water. Yes, it is fast and it will remove some of the dirt but their are numerous issues with using water to clean your window screens. Unless you use strong water power (pressure washing) it will not remove all the dirt and if you use too much pressure it will put you at risk of tearing the window screens especially if the screens are sun worn. Additionally, Las Vegas has the hardest water in the United States and over time if you use water to clean screens you will end up with a nasty white calcium buildup on the screens. At Summerlin Window Cleaning we dry brush the screens on both sides using a soft bristle brush. We use good old fashioned elbow grease and brush both sides of the screen and gently brush around the screen tabs and pay extra attention to brushing the edges and corners. After we clean the screens with the brush we then apply a specially formulated, earth friendly application that gives the screens a shine and luster that will make them look brand new again! We then take a soft microfiber towel and wipe down the entire screen to ensure an even application over the entire screen and we also wipe all the dirt off the screen frames as well. The visual of having a screen that looks brand new again is great but the best part, once the application is applied to the screens it will prevent future dirt from sticking to the screens and keep your window screens cleaner longer then ever before. Our system does take more time but it is very effective and protects not damages your window screens. Just check out the before and after difference on the photo provided from one of our recent window cleaning jobs! For more information on our screens cleaning and window cleaning services please call 702-965-2065.
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