Broken Window Seals

Blown, broken or compromised window seals are a common problem for homeowners.  Sometimes referred to as “fog out”, this is a very common issue here in Las Vegas due to the dry air and the powerful sun.  The desert environment is tough on those window seals! Sometimes after we clean the windows you will still see a buildup or fogginess in between the interior and exterior windowpanes due to a broken seal.

When a window seal is compromised, moisture will slowly seep in-between the interior and exterior panes of glass. The result is a foggy or discolored look in the window. When it’s a newly blown seal, the moisture may appear in a round, snowflake or vertical pattern. It is always the most visible when the sun is lower in the sky. Eventually, the moisture buildup will become so bad that you will be able to see water dripping in between the windowpanes.

Regular maintenance and cleaning will go a long way in preventing a broken seal. However, there is no way to clean these interior surfaces once that seal has been compromise.  Unfortunately, you will need to contact a glass installer to have the window replaced. If you are unsure if you have blown window seals just give us a call at 702-965-2065 and we can help you determine if you have a seal issue. If so, we are happy to refer you to some great local Las Vegas window replacement companies.

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